Where Does Our Food Come From?

Food donations come from many sources including: the public, individuals, community groups, schools, businesses, farmers, Feed Ontario, Food Banks Canada, manufacturers, etc. Feed the Need in Durham is also the recipient of items that have damaged packaging. We call these “reclamation” products. All donors of prepared food are protected by the Donated Food Act.

If our member agencies are requesting food that we do not have in the warehouse and we cannot find a source to donate the required food, we will do our best to purchase what is needed directly from the manufacturer. The good news is that we always receive more product for our dollar than would be possible in a local grocery store.

As the regional food distribution warehouse for Durham we have the equipment and space to accept donations of all sizes. Sometimes food is dropped off, a few bags at a time, by members of the public. At other times large transport trucks deliver skids of product. Feed the Need in Durham is always pleased to receive donations of any size. Every item we receive makes up the big picture.  Besides food, we also accept personal hygiene items, and household cleaning products. These often come from the same sources that bring us food. Individuals and families who cannot afford food often struggle to purchase these items as well.